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At Totus3D, we are proud to offer an all-encompassing cutting-edge approach to processing your survey data, providing you with the means to achieve your reality capture goals.

Our specialist team is comprised of experienced CAD and 3D modelling technicians with extensive expertise in the latest point cloud management and manipulation software. Our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of next-generation reality capture methodologies can be applied to a vast range of purposes you may encounter in handling point cloud data. From file conversion, to workflow optimization, to the production of 3D models and CAD drawings of the highest quality and accuracy, Totus3D offer a complete solution for your point cloud data requirements.

Helping you from start to finish

With backgrounds in surveying, laser scanning, building documentation, engineering and architecture, we will work with you from the outset of your projects, assisting and supporting you from pricing to delivery, to attain the most accomplished outcome that modern reality capture processes can achieve. Our technical staff and modelling teams are on-hand in the UK and US, and we’re on call whenever you need us.